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Shifting my blog !! :)

Posted by vprajan on September 7, 2006

Soon this blog will be shifted to

This is for your Info.


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Happy World Bloggers Day 2006

Posted by vprajan on August 31, 2006

Today is celebrated as the world bloggers day. I found out somewhere about this. Dont know where it is from 🙂

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“Help?.. Iam a baby to Linux…”

Posted by vprajan on August 29, 2006

Before beginning the post.. please note that i have wrongly coated the heading for this message. Its not Linux, but GNU/Linux. Many really donot call like that. Which makes them idiotic and makes them forget their freedom. If you are very new to GNU/Linux, read what is software freedom in my blog and then start with it.

This is a useful link for starters of GNU/Linux.

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Helpful google trick i use the most..

Posted by vprajan on August 19, 2006

I mostly come across many technical words nowadays. How can i know them?.. Every one says me to search in google. But google is an ocean. Controlling it is what a pirates trick. I mostly use a keyword search to know about terms as

define: <keyword>

for example, if u want to know the full form of CMS,

type, define: CMS

you will get definitions from many websites. Enjoy reading them.

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Ohh.. Finally cleared the problem of removing home partition in Fedora..

Posted by vprajan on August 19, 2006

Its worst and weird that redhat products like redhat x, fedora has a weird directory structure and different look and feel. You cannot customize more a Redhat OS than any other OS because it stings like hell.

For example,

I have ubuntu and fedora in my system. I use fedora core 4 for office work and installed it with 1 root partition and /home partition.

once i found out that the home partition i created and mounted under /home is of no use. So deleted the partition and created a new one. Note one point that redhat creates Labels for the paritions that you create while installation. So, for /home partition it created a Label which i have not noticed atall. So, here the story goes. After i deleted the home partition and rebooted the machine. My machine struck uo with fsck ERROR. Amazed of what to do?..

Finally i found a entry in /etc/fstab containing a idiotic entry like this,

LABEL=/home  /home ext3 defaults 0 0

And moreover, in the repair shell, you have readonly filesystem.. that caused another worst situation for me. I entered into single user mode by typing “init 1” and tried mounting the filesystem again and again readonly. Finally, dropped the idea of going into fedora again and entered “Ubuntu” and changed this file.

So, From this problem, i note that Fedora/Redhat has a unstandard mechanism for every thing. While ubuntu has correctly mapped device name with mount point, why not a enterprise OS like redhat don’t have like this???.. REALLY A BIG SHIT..

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A CMS system to Test various CMS

Posted by vprajan on August 17, 2006

I recently found a good website which allows testing of various CMS available as free OSS software. You can even login as admin and install plugins as you want. Try working out with various templates and features. But it allows only 2 hrs of working on the site. After that time, it resets the session and all that saved goes of.

check out:

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Did u want to run a OS on browser?..

Posted by vprajan on August 10, 2006

Its amazing to see the efforts of the They have created a OS using AJAX protocol which could be used as a normal OS itself..

This web-based OS has a FileBrowser, RSS feed reader, Chat client, Sticky note Tool, IRC client, and even Shell. This OS allows you to install and uninstall softwares too. Great work isn’t it.

Take a demo of this OS and amaze at

I have created a account. What about you?..

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amaroK.. better than anyother media players

Posted by vprajan on August 1, 2006

“Amarok is a music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before – and looks good doing it.” – from

Amarok is the best player i have ever seen. Iam a music lover and tried out all the media players that exist such as WinAMP, WMP, Media Center, Real Player, Quintessential, and many more on Windows. But, i get better experiance than all of these players. No one will hate this player


Just try out using amaroK. Iam very happy that amarok is not available for Windows 🙂


If you are new user of Linux and want a good media player, i recommend amaroK. Note: You need KDE.

Iam living happy ever after i started rocking with amaroK with the following features:

1. Media Library Support

2. Allows to select between Various Streaming Engine

3. Connects to Free lastFM services and plays rocking radios.

4. Plays all kinds of formats like WMA, MP3, MP4

5. Automatic ID3 Tag recognition which categorizes ur songs

6. Automatic Rating feature and Random track selection based on rating.

7. Smart Playlist Support, Global Control using Keyboard Shortcuts

8. many more..

Try out today.. New users: refer HOWTO page to know how to install amaroK

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Websites Re-loaded..

Posted by vprajan on July 21, 2006

Finally, websites came up today. now, blogspot, typepad and every other sites work. The ISP blocked these sites because of the goverment request of possible terrorist communication through these media. But finally, they found and blocked the sites which only does like that and relieved normal sites.

Happy with the blogging now..  However, anonymizers helped in getting me my blog updated in these two days. Happy !!..

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Nothing has a deadend.. “Blogging in India too”

Posted by vprajan on July 18, 2006

The style of this site, “to prove nothing has an dead end..”

So, why there is a new dead end for bloggers of india?..

Lets put a hole to crack the dead end and Start Blogging..

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